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Innovative Cille 

Pleasant Life

We believe that our "Innovative Cille, Pleasant Life", which is designed to meet the needs of our customers, will satisfy them and lead to great success.

• We manage our business with care

Cille has assembled a strong, experienced and increasingly innovative management team consisting of professionals specializing in all aspects of strategic planning and layout, product innovation and development, product manufacturing and processing, and marketing. We strive to share with our customers the high quality of water products that represent the pleasure of life, and to share with our agents a platform for rapid growth in business

• We build brands with care

At the same time, Cille has been working with the top professional brand consulting and advertising agencies in the industry to help Cille identify market needs, understand customer preferences, refine brand appeal, create brand image and stimulate market opportunities. In the future, we will continue to invest huge funds, resources and energy in brand building, continue to optimize the brand management, and strive to make Cille a mainstream brand of high-quality water ware.

• We work hard to expand our market

On the basis of creating a good brand and managing it carefully, we will gradually develop the domestic market and set up overseas offices in the main domestic markets (Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Qingdao, etc.), and work with trusted agents across the country to build terminal stores in first-tier cities and distribution channels in other second- and third-tier markets.


With the rich marketing experience and power from the Cille team, we not only focus on the construction and optimization of terminal and distribution channels, but also invest huge amounts of money and energy to continuously sort out the communication channels of the Cille brand (advertising, activities, sponsorships, promotions and other communication channels) to ensure effective market expansion and achieve our common business goals together with partners around the world.


Our Vision

Creating wonderful products for a pleasant life

To share the high quality of Cille products and the fun and happiness of colorful lifestyle with all people who have a high quality of life is the vision that all members of Cille are striving for.



We make our consumerspleasantby developing products with environmentally friendly materials and innovative designs


Life is better

We aim to differentiate challenge and change

We strive to improve the value of consumers' lives



We recognize that shared business is a way in which the environment and people can live together in harmony and contribute to society

Our Mission

Continuous Innovation, Eternal Innovation

All of the products, services and brand actions that we present to our customers will adhere to this mission

Our Values

"Three innovations and One Fun"

Change wonderful life with innovation, deliver great value with creation, share joyful business and enjoy pleasant life with our customers, partners and all members.


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